The historic HONEY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD invites you to partake of the incredibly scrumptious delights of honey!



Whether the delicacy of taste, the desire for good health, or the pure pleasure of enjoying honeysizesnature’s best sweetener, your choice of Uvalde Honey is a splendid one!

Dripped into classic 16 and 32 oz. glass jars, Uvalde Honey makes a great gift for family, friends or business associates.

Let Uvalde Honey represent your good taste at home or as a gift. Order online at our secure online ordering or call us at (830) 261-5263. Wholesale pricing available upon request!



Uvalde Honey Facts

  1. If you feel a boost of energy after eating honey, you’re not imagining it! Honey is a natural mixture of the simple sugars glucose and fructose. When Uvalde Honey is substituted in baked goods, add ½ teaspoon baking soda for every cup of Uvalde Honey used and bake at a lower temperature. For more handy hints, click here!
  2. Uvalde Honey is very mild and light in color with a remarkably delicious flavor attributed to bees feeding on the blooming huajillo.
  3. During the 1870’s when the pioneer settlers were creating farms and ranches in Uvalde County, they discovered caves and hollow trees full of bees and honey – a “bee paradise.” Click here to learn more.
    At Uvalde Honey, you’ll find recipes, handy and healthful tips about honey and specials! Click here to learn more about honey.

Bee insurance is not the first insurance that comes to mind if a stranger asked you to name a type of insurance.  And yet, tens of thousands of Americans love having hives on their property.  Fantastic for honey production and incredibly necessary for pollination and fruit production, insuring your bees correctly is critical.  While large scale industry centered around bees has their own insurance options, those who want to keep bees as a hobby or for personal use fall into an interesting dilemma regarding insurance law.  Below we review the facts and provide a small yet informative guide to beekeeping insurance.

Farmers Insurance

When we think about insurance for our home, we think of homeowners insurance.  Unless we own a farm, we don’t think about farmers insurance.  And yet, there are farmers insurance options that can cover bees and provide the necessary insurance coverage you need at a rate that is far less than what your homeowners insurance may cover.  Specifically, farmers insurance covers the potential risk the bees may pose to others.

What Do Beekeeping Insurance Providers Cover?

Beekeeping insurance providers like Insurance Quote Deals found here, can cover a range of things depending on the insurance company and where they are located. It is not abnormal for a beekeeping insurance provider to cover the following things including if people get stung as well as the products sold by a person with bees on their property. Covering you for negligence, the insurance is a convenient work around for an otherwise challenging insurance company. For some beekeeping insurance providers, you will have to operate your business as a hobby and not a business in order to automatically have coverage.

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